The Wise Hippo – birth preparation for couples in English

Wise Hippo is a holistic birth preparation programme that prepares you not only physically but also mentally for birth. 

In this class you will learn how to release the natural production of pain-relieving hormones. Relaxation and visualisation techniques, as well as touch and breathing exercises, make pregnancy and birth easier.

You will learn about the birth process and its phases, what to expect and how you and your partner can support the birth process. We also talk about positions and movements in everyday life and how they can influence the birth. The focus ist in preparing for a natural birth, yet unforseen twists and turns also have their place. We discuss different scenarios, explain your options and help you prepare for common eventualities.

We provide you with the course material. Relaxations exercises as audio files to download and an accompanying book are also inclueded. 


Wann:from 20th WOP
Kursleitung:Dagmar Frei/Lara Gutbrodt
Dauer:4x 2 hours